A wallet, folio, and stand Silk Folio Wallet for iPhone XS Review

If you are an iPhone lover and own an iPhone you will never be able to like any other phone as much as you like the iPhone. This is because Apple has made its mark by providing the best features and amazing outlook. Apple launches new phones almost every year making it better from the previous one. The newest launch is iPhone XS, which has all the improved features from the last one and more upgraded features. If you get your hands on the new iPhone, your main and the most important concern would be to shield it and protect it from damage.
It is not always easy to find a case for iPhone which can protect it properly and is also functional. Functionality along with style is important. Nobody likes a case which is functional but not attractive or doesn’t have a good design.

Silk Material
It is a beautiful silk folio case made of silk obviously and along with that it also uses textured Saffiano faux leather to make it look even better. The silk along with faux leather ensures the reliability, and who wouldn’t want a case which is so functional and easy to use and keeps the phone scratch free and protects it from all it. You don’t want a phone with all the damage, do you? no right, so for that get a phone case which is high end along with that, which protects your phone the best way possible.

Elegant Colors
This Silk Folio case is available in two colors, Black Tie Affair, and Rosé All Day. Both these colors are very elegant and precisely chosen so as to fit well into your personality and make you look grace and aesthetic. It is made to stand out and make you look apart from the rest and make a fine and refined statement. All the colors make a wonderful impact on the personality and make you have that class and charm.

It consists of four credit card slots and a cash pocket where you can keep a small amount of folded cash. You can also Turn the case into a kickstand to watch videos and to enhance your video watching experience. It comes up with the security band which keeps the folio closed whenever you’re not using it. This case provides a vast amount of functionality and style and along with all the functionality it is made to give you a firm grip. All four slots are designed for you to keep your cards and for that, you don’t have to carry a wallet around this case will work double as the case and the wallet, therefore maximizing its use.

Damage on Pocket
It is available at Amazon for $15, for a cover like this it is quite economical and as it works double as a wallet and as a case to provide protection and to keep the money safe and secure. With all the functionality and style the price is not very heavy.