Casetify Impact Case for iPhone XR Review

Casetify brings a huge collection of cases for a wide range of gadgets. They have high-quality cases for iPhone, Android, iPad, and MacBook. These cases are of no comparison to the cheap and flimsy cases available at Amazon.
The material of these cases is thick, high end, military-grade, robust quality. Not only do they deliver class, but they are also ahead of everyone in the game of design collection.
If you own an iPhone XR and plan to get a case from the Impact series of Casetify, this review is for you.

Case Specifications
These cases not only look high quality, but they also live up to everyone’s expectations. It has been through endless drop proof tests, by military grade impacts. It is constructed from a shock absorbing material known as Qitech. The innovative consistency of the Qitech has less than a 5% bounce rate when tested from a large blunt impact. As shown on their official website, it can even shield your hand if you attempted to hammer it. How cool is that?

Protection against Water and Temperature
There is no denying that the leading cause of battering your phone is by dropping it. These impact cases comply with the everyday use shielding it form all types of harm.
The rigid crystal structure with the dual-layered Qitech can defend the phone against water and temperature damages along with its shock absorbing qualities. The case is also well fitted with no gaps or holes on the sides to minimize the screen from getting shattered on drops.

Prone to Scratches
The raised edges of the case ensure the screen does not encounter surface making it less prone to scratches. If you happen to skid your phone either side on a surface, you need to relax. Nothing will get between your phone and the Impact case.
With such high protection, one must think how heavy the material might be. Well, the Casetify Impact cases are one of the slimmest and sleek military grade iPhone cases, with 10.5 mm in thickness.

High-Gloss Finish
It does not deter the original touch of the phone and neither lets it slip away from your grasp due to its high-gloss finish. Your high-end iPhone XR will stay out of harm’s way always.
Don’t let the dual Qitech fool you. The phone can still be recharged with a wireless charger while still being inside the case.
The high dense back does not shatter at impacts, as compared to other cases. It still is strong enough to bounce back bending forces.
Their logo is situated around the camera lens. This keeps the design of the case minimal yet at the same while, eye-catching.

The never-ending designs to let you change between covers is exhilarating. Impact cases deliver high quality and good looks. For people who prefer simpler cases, it has a clear Impact case in stock a well. Head to their official website to be blown away.

It is of $45 on their Casetify website. The official site of Casetify lets you add a durable screen protector to have a complete deal of impenetrable protection.