Speck Presidio Inked Case for iPhone XS Review

The newly launched iPhone XS is the talk of the town these days. People are looking forward to getting their hands on it for all the good features it has. It is the second flagship phone of the series that started with iPhone X, which is quite amazing as well. This recently launched phone has all the good features from the previous iPhones and the other improved and updated features too. The reason why all the Apple fans are going crazy over it is the aesthetics and sophisticated look it has, you want to have it and Apple never disappoints its fans and always provides you the product which gives full value of money.
If you are an iPhone XS user you would definitely want a case to protect it, as Apple won’t cater you with the covers and cases, and having an iPhone XS you would want to protect it to the fullest and you will need a durable yet stylish cover to make your very own iPhone XS look even more elegant.
Speck Presidio Inked Case Review
Here is a personalized review to help you choose among the best case you can, which will not only value your money but will be long-lasting and durable and high-end.

It’s a 10 feet drop tested phone to secure your phone from accidental drops and prevents it from damage. THE IMPACTIUM rubber on the inside is to absorb and disperse the shock. It is stylish yet it has great functionality.
Protection against Damages
It provides the best protection to your phone and it is prone to drops and saves it from scratches and damages. It has patterns printed into the surface of the case for that they don’t fade. Plus, the rubber protection is two layer to give your phone full protection from drops and extreme temperatures.
Unique Colors
It is available in two colors donut worry pink glossy and heliotrope purple, both these covers are equally pretty and functional and so aesthetically pleasing. These two really gorgeous colors are picked just to suit your quirky personality.
Some really attractive and elegant factors are printed on this case which makes it look different and amazing from the rest of the phones and makes it apart from the rest. It is made with a practical approach to keep design and functionality parallel. Its vivid designs are what attract everyone. It has a matte finish and also glossy coating to resist scratches.
It is made of IMPACTIUM rubber which is a shock barrier and protects your phone from any temperature also it is lab tested for many life situations to protect your phone from drops and high temperature. The IMPACTIUM rubber it uses absorbs shock.
It has a limited lifetime warranty but on Amazon, it is not applicable.
It costs $45 and which is definitely not a lot if this cover is giving all the functionality with a quirky and elegant style. This case adds in a character and you don’t have to go out of the budget to buy this.