Black and White Party Ideas (2023)

Ever since Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball in 1966 Black and White Parties have been slowly becoming the “it” party. It might seem a little risky, but when done properly a black and white party will put you on the map and everyone will want to attend. Follow these tips and you are sure to have an unforgettable party that will have your friends asking for another party just as incredible.

Black and White Invitations

At the beginning of the planning stages you need to make sure to send out an invitation that will set the bar high. Your guests have to realize right off the bat that you are serious about everything only being white and black. You can either purchase white and black invitations or you can make your own.

Cut out small squares of white cardstock and cover them with black lace. Cut a smaller square of the cardstock and glue on top of the lace in the center. On the small piece write the event, date, time, location and RSVP by. Also inform the guests on the invitation that they must arrive only wearing white and/or black…absolutely no color. Seal the invitations in either a black or white envelope and mail them out to all of your friends and family.

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Black and White Decorations


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Black and White Party Ideas (1)

  • VIP Backdrop
  • Blank Sign Banner
  • Black Firework Stringers
  • Black Flame
  • Retardant Crepe Streamer
Decorating is the fun part of throwing a black and white party, although that may be more of a personal opinion. There are literally tons of ways to decorate for a black and white party dependent on your supply of decorations. The first step is to find a venue that is perfect for the party. It can be in your backyard under a tent or in a great room with high ceilings and white walls. Make sure the guests have sent RSVP before you choose the venue so that it is large enough to hold everyone who is attending. If you are holding the event somewhere where the walls are painted white there is less decorating you have to do and the same goes if the event is under a white tent. If you are holding the event in your home and there is color on your walls you will want to cover it. There are a few options for hiding the color and transforming your room: cover the wall in the VIP Backdrop or black or white wrapping paper. Also, if you have the resources drape a sheer white fabric from a central point on the ceiling to the edges of the venue. Your guests will absolutely love this look.

At the entrance of the venue it would be best to hang a Blank Sign Banner, but one that has been customized. You can do it yourself, or ask a friend who is artistic to draw on the banner with black paint “Welcome” or something more personal about the party. Around the edges draw paisley or an abstract floral pattern because it will automatically add elegance to the sign. The great thing about the blank sign banner is that it is made of all weather material, so if you use high quality paint the sign will withstand any whether in case there is a surprise rain storm. As the guests enter the venue they should immediately be engulfed by black and white. More than likely most of the guests will arrive wearing black because it is harder for people to find white outfits that appeal to them, therefore the overall overwhelming look should be white with black accents.

Because the walls will be white, it is like working with a blank slate adding detail after detail. When the guests enter the venue they should be able to notice the contrasts between the black and white. To enhance this contrast, hang Black Firework Stringers along the walls equal distance apart from one another, but make sure it is no more than three feet or else the black will be swallowed by the white. Also, whether you draped sheer fabric along the ceiling or not, you can do the same with Black Flame Retardant Crepe Streamer. Have them radiate from a central location on the ceiling out to the edges and let the streamers fall gently to the ground. This will add even more elegance to the venue and it will amaze your guests as soon as they enter.

For a creative twist to the decorations and something none of your guests will expect, purchase some fake plants. They can be large potted plants or smaller ones that would be placed on a table and also make sure to grab some silk flower of different styles. All you have to do is spray paint all of the plants and flowers black. The pots can also either be black or they can be spray painted white, as long as the paint as a high gloss. Place the large plants around the room in the corners and near seating areas. As for the smaller flowers, place them in solid white vases as well as black vases to really push for a dark detail. The vases should be placed on side tables and can also be used as part of the centerpieces for the tables.

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Black and White Table Decoration

Black and White Party Ideas (2)

Table Decorations

  • White Table Cover
  • Black and Opalescent Fanci Fetti Dots
  • Ultimate Fanci Feather Masks
  • Persia Tableware
  • Black Table Cover

When it comes to decorating the tables for your black and white party you should have fun with it. Cover the tables in either a Black or White table cover and if you are able, use chairs that are the opposite of the table cover. For the centerpieces, use the black spray painted flowers you made and place them in either a black or white vase opposite of the table cover. You can also use other cheap black and white objects found at thrift stores because they will add a fun touch to the décor and will also make the centerpieces interesting. Another creative touch would be to take Black and White party beads and drape them around the vase and also have the beads hanging from the vase or the other objects. By using party beads you not only save money but they can also act as party favors for the guest. For some added shine, sprinkle Black and Opalescent Fanci Fetti Dots around the centerpiece and have them radiate from the center to the rest of the table. The black and white masks from the Ultimate Fanci Feather Masks will also make great fun touches to the centerpiece and would also make great party favors.

As for the tableware you want to choose something that is elegant but not too costly in order to save some money. If you are holding the event at a venue which provides tableware just make sure everything is either white or black, although most likely it will all be white. If the event is at your home, you can either rent tableware or purchase some. The Persia Tableware has a gorgeous black pattern on a white plate and these Designer Disposable plates are extremely sturdy and any liquid will not be able to seep through. Your guests will honestly be amazed at the high quality of these plates and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about washing them. Another option would be to use black plates on the tables with white table covers and white plates on the tables with black table covers.

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If you are serving the guests then keep the tableware back in the kitchen, but if it is buffet style lay the tableware out on the tables. If the food is being served buffet style, the buffet table needs to also comply with the black and white theme of the party. Cover the tables in either a long white or black table cover and sprinkle more fanci fetti along the entire table to add some shine. Unless you are deeply invested in this party do not worry about the color of the serving dishes as long as they are silver because this will not detract from the décor.

Black and White Food Ideas

The guests should arrive hungry, but also nervous and excited about what they will be eating. Many will think that the black and white theme will not follow through to the food, but this way you will be able to surprise them. When the guests arrive, hand each person who is of age a glass of white champagne, preferably in a white champagne flute but our regular clear champagne flute works just as well.

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As for the food, have small hors d'oeuvres such as Herbed White Bean Dip and Black Caviar Olive Bites. These should float around the room so that each guest gets a chance to try them. Next, serve up a salad made of escarole, frisee and Napa cabbage with peeled apples for some crunch, feta cheese and light vinaigrette. To cleanse the pallets, serve a white gazpacho which will most definitely entice your guests. For the main course serve a blackened steak, poultry and a white fish such as halibut. Flavor these to your taste and serve them in small portions so that everyone is capable of tasting them, but try to serve them with a vegetable such as white asparagus and a pasta like linguini alfredo.

As for dessert, this is when you really get to be creative. You can keep things simple and make a candy buffet with various shaped jars filled with different types of candy all in black and white. Have a stack of black or white bags for the guests to fill so that they can snack on the candy there or take it home. You could also make desserts, which could be as basic as black and white cookies or something more elegant like black and white detailed cake pops. No matter what you serve, as long as it is black and white, your guests will be in awe at your entire event and it will definitely be one they never forget.


What is a black and white themed party? ›

The lighting is low and there are candles on each table. When guests arrive, all of the gentlemen are wearing classic black suits and tuxes, and the ladies are dolled up and looking lovely in black and white evening gowns. There's little as classic and chic as a monochromatic theme for a party.

How do you plan a black and white party? ›

On the invitations, ask everyone to wear either black or white or both. The birthday girl can wear black and/or white, too, but consider having her wear a completely different color to make her stand out on her special day. Fill the party space with black and white balloons, streamers and decorations.

What is a white party theme? ›

The White Party Theme is pretty self-explanatory. It is a party where the color white is the theme. From the food to the party decor, the clothing, the tablescape, and more, everything is attached to the color white.

What do you bring to a color party? ›

Start by choosing what color palette fits your party, then use this color scheme to enhance your theme and games.
Color-Themed Party Favors
  • Creative Shoe Laces. ...
  • Colorful Coloring Books. ...
  • Artsy Creations. ...
  • Paint Brush Bonanza. ...
  • Scratch Sets. ...
  • Canvases.

What is a formal black and white event? ›

A black and white affair is typically a more formal event, so an evening gown or a formal suit would be in order. Look for other hints on the invitation, such as "tie optional." Parties after dark are usually more formal than those that begin in the afternoon.

What do I need for a White Party? ›

A white party is a party theme revolving around the color white, featuring all-white decor and an all-white dress code. Guests are expected to come wearing white head to toe. White parties are most popular during the summer season, although they can be held at any time of year.

Can you wear color to a white party? ›

Add some color

It may be a white party but perhaps not an all-white party? If so, this is an excellent opportunity for you to add a pop of color to your dress. Any color you wear with white will stand out so less again is more.

Is a white party all white? ›

White Parties are circuit parties at which the standard clothing is all or almost all white.

What do you call a party where everyone wears white? ›

Dîner en Blanc ("Dinner in White" in French) is a worldwide event spanning six continents in which people have a meal dressed in white in a temporary dining setup in a public space. Diners are required to provide their own food, tables, chairs and tablecloths.

Can you wear off white and white together? ›

My answer: sure you can! Mixing different shades of white is a good way to break the monotony of an all white outfit.

What happens at a color party? ›

The latest craze is pretty simple, people throw a party with a colour theme so everyone picks a colour, dresses in that specific colour clothes and people also bring snacks and/or drinks matching the colour too.

What is a color coded party? ›

A stop light party, stoplight party,traffic light party or traffic party is a party at which guests wear different colors indicating their relationship-seeking status. While they may be held anytime, anywhere, they are commonly held around Valentine's Day and in areas around colleges and universities.

How do you host a color War? ›

All you need is pantyhose or some thin tube socks and color powder. The kids throw the balls at each other. When it hits another person, you'll see a poof of color. The more the ball is depleted of powder the more it will poof!

What do guys wear to a black and white party? ›

Besides traditional black-tie wear, you might also see such casual contrasting mixtures as black jeans with white tops or white jeans with black tops. In between will be black blazers and black suits. At the extreme opposite end could be something as casual as a T-shirt with a design that looks like a tuxedo.

What can I wear for a black and white photo? ›

When taking black and white photos, the best clothing will contain subtle textures and tones. In general, solid colors will work best for getting great textures. Avoid flashy patterns and designs which will draw the eye away from you. Remember, you are the focus of the photos, not your clothes.

What is black and white tie event? ›

Black tie optional events are less formal. You can wear a suit to these gatherings. Black tie creative events let you explore your style. White tie events are formal and require you to wear a tuxedo. Make sure you find one that includes satin details and a collared shirt.

What does black and white dress mean? ›

Black-and-white clothing is an age-old signal of servitude and humility: think of a priest's robes as contrast to papal raiments, or a waiter's uniform in a smart restaurant as a counterpoint to the finery of the female guests.

What can I wear for a black and white photo? ›

When taking black and white photos, the best clothing will contain subtle textures and tones. In general, solid colors will work best for getting great textures. Avoid flashy patterns and designs which will draw the eye away from you. Remember, you are the focus of the photos, not your clothes.

Is it OK to wear black to a birthday party? ›

It is a common misconception that wearing a dark or black color on your birthday will bring you bad luck. Don't believe it and celebrate your birthday in whichever color you like. You can wear it at your birthday party, wedding, office, graduation ceremony, etc.

Can you wear silver to a white party? ›

As far as accessories, go with whatever metal tone feels comfortable to you. Gold-tone accessories particularly pop against all-white outfits and make for a glam look. But silver against a beautiful white dress can be stunning, too.

What does black and white symbolize? ›

The contrast of white and black (light and darkness, day and night) has a long tradition of metaphorical usage, traceable to the Ancient Near East, and explicitly in the Pythagorean Table of Opposites. In Western culture as well as in Confucianism, the contrast symbolizes the moral dichotomy of good and evil.

What Colours go with black and white clothes? ›

What colors go with black and white? Black and white is a classic color combination. You can add red, aqua, yellow, pink, turquoise or green to add a pop of color to your outfit.

What should you not wear to a photoshoot? ›

what not to wear to a photo session
  • 10 tips on “what not to wear” when preparing for your photo shoot. ...
8 Jan 2021

What color background is best for black and white photos? ›

An opposite case might be when you have lower-key black and white (grayscale) photos. A black background in this case will just drown the photos, and a lighter or white background will help make B&W photos pop.

Is it OK to wear black in family photos? ›

Should Black Be Worn for Family Photos? If you love wearing black, keep in-mind there is a time and place for it to be worn if you want your photos to shine for your next family photography session.. Black is a great go-to choice for your everyday wardrobe attire. It's bold, elegant, clean and professional!

What color should you wear on your birthday for good luck? ›

Auspicious colors to improve the fortune and riches for those born on Sunday is green. It can be bright green or dark green. Colors that are bad for your luck are blue and light blue. Purple or lilac clothes are what people born on Monday should wear.

What should I wear to a adult birthday party? ›

Wear a cocktail dress or tailored suit for fancy nighttime parties. If the birthday party is at night and taking place in a fancy restaurant or upscale lounge, that's the time to break out those cocktail dresses, tailored suits, and dress shoes!

How do you stand out at a white party? ›

Wear a White Vest – A white vest is a great way to make sure that you stand out from the rest of the crowd while not going too over the top. White vests can be dressed up or down, so they're perfect for any type of White Out party.

How do you stand out at an all white party? ›

Get creative with colour. Just because it's a white party doesn't mean you have to be head to toe in white: a mostly white or pale dress with a scattering of pretty flowers or on-trend polka dots will instantly draw attention while adhering to the dress code. Keep it on-message with neutral or low-key accessories.

What shoes go with a white party dress? ›

Black. Classic black is always a foolproof choice, as this bold neutral contrasts beautifully with white. Nude. You can never go wrong with nude shoes and a white dress, as they will elongate your legs and make the dress look more sleek and elegant.


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