The Price of Wall Clock at Walmart Target Kmart Hobby Lobby (2023)

You can find your favorite wall clock from global sources like buying at Walmart, Target, Kmart, and Hobby Lobby.If you like to know what wall clockmaker companies are the most popular brands in these well-known sources over the world then read on!
  • Bulova
Since 1875, the company has been known as Bulova.Even in the modern-day, they continue to be regarded as one of the most accomplished clock designers in the world.The craftsmanship on par with the best in the industry and designs that look to the future is what set Bulova apart from the competition.Additionally, innovation and technology are two of Bulova's primary emphases.Consequently, in addition to the traditional styles of clocks, you will also discover contemporary versions that include the most recent advances in technology.The Price of Wall Clock at Walmart Target Kmart Hobby Lobby (1)Executive desk clocks, picture frame clocks, century mantel clocks, Bluetooth-connected mantel locks, modern metal wall clocks, solid wood-cased wall clocks, and centigrade scale and hygrometer wall clocks are just some of the one-of-a-kind Bulova designs that we have available for purchase.
  • Delivery
For more than a century, Dalvey has been designing and making clocks of the highest possible quality, which makes them an excellent choice if you're looking for a beautiful desk clock.The Dalvey company is most well-known for the one-of-a-kind timepieces that it produces in the form of pocket watches; however, they also create a line of very popular desk clocks.At the Frankenmuth Clock Company, we have a variety of unique Dalvey designs, such as the clipper clock, which is a small and portable timepiece, and the unusual Grand Sedan model with a flat pendant, which was created and manufactured in Scotland.
  • Howard Miller
From time-honored to forward-thinking, Howard Miller has it all. This well-known and reputable clock company is the one to turn to when you are looking for a design that is unusual or specialized since they have hundreds of different clock designs to pick from.In our shop, you'll be able to view all of the traditional designs produced by Howard Miller, such as the company's well-known decorative metal wire alarm clocks, crystal table clocks, high-gloss walnut table clocks, holiday-themed clocks, traditional hardwood pendulum mantel clocks, and their classic tambour style and curvy mantel clocks.
  • Hermle
The world's oldest clock maker that is still in business today is the Franz Hermle company.They have been responsible for some of the world's most renowned and famous clock designs for many decades.When you purchase at the Frankenmuth Clock Company, you have the opportunity to bring one of these timepieces into your own house.The Price of Wall Clock at Walmart Target Kmart Hobby Lobby (2)We provide a comprehensive selection of several of Hermle's most well-known clock designs in our inventory.You will discover timeless classics such as the skeleton windup mantel clocks, pendulum glass table clocks, and tambour mantel clocks in addition to wacky contemporary alternatives such as the twisted steel pendulum clocks, tripod chrome-plated quarts mantel clock, and the Hermle Banjo style wall clock.

Wall Clock at Walmart

Walmart is known for selling genuine things that have been produced by hand, such as Black Forest cuckoo clocks, wall and mantel clocks, tiny clocks, novelty cuckoo clocks, music boxes, and nutcrackers, holiday decorations, and many unusual clocks.Cuckoo clocks are not only useful for telling time but also entertaining to look at and listen to.There is no certain date that can be attributed to the cuckoo clock's inception, which is an intriguing aspect of the device.Because they have been around for such a long time, the origins of clocks are difficult to pinpoint.There is a diverse selection of cuckoo clocks available, including analog and digital versions, as well as those with hands and those made of metal.These clocks were picked out because of their fashionable design, practicality, and high-end construction.Continue reading to learn about some of the most impressive cuckoo clocks now on sale.Cuckoo Clock Made of Quartz Black Forest Home Decorated with a Moving Train and Featuring Musical InstrumentsYou may be certain that this cuckoo-palace clock will continue to serve you well for many years to come since it is among the most genuine Black Forest clocks now available on the market.The Price of Wall Clock at Walmart Target Kmart Hobby Lobby (3)Its advantages include:
  • Simple to put in place
  • Superior caliber
Its disadvantage is
  • Not nearly as noisy
The Cuckoo Clock in Kintrot Pendulum quartz wall clock with a traditional Black Forest clock face and an antique wooden faceThis cuckoo clock is constructed of solid wood and has approximately these dimensions: 7.87 inches in width, 4.92 inches in depth, and 8.86 inches in height (without pendulum).It has music on/off button as well as a sensor that turns off the audio automatically at night.Its advantages include:
  • It is simple to hang and is of a suitable size.
  • Night vision optics
There are no instructions included in the package. Cuckoo clock made by hand out of Kendal's wood.This cuckoo clock is equipped with both a night silencer and an automated night shut-off sensor.It is crafted from linden wood and has hand-carved designs.Additionally, you can alter the volume (high, low, or shut off).Its disadvantage includes:
  • The volume is high enough that it may be heard in adjacent rooms.
  • A sensor that is activated automatically to keep the peace while the person is sleeping
  • The fact that some of the parts may be separated so readily

Wall clock at Target

At Target you can easily find how to locate the perfect wall clock for your home, regardless of whether you have a large room to occupy or need a wake-up call.
  • Small clocks
Follow the "rule of three" to renew your nightstand by displaying a clock, a lamp, and a favorite book.
  • Medium-sized clocks
Medium-sized clocks may be put practically anywhere.The Price of Wall Clock at Walmart Target Kmart Hobby Lobby (4)You can get everyone out the door faster with a kitchen wall clock.
  • Big watches
Large wall clocks beautify your office or desk while keeping you on track.Make a statement with a huge wall clock.Large living room walls promote flair and timeliness.Everything you put on your walls expresses your taste, which is vital for home décor.Your clock can help you choose a modern, classic, or stylish design.Here are some ideas for decorating around your wall clock, regardless of style.Instead of outmoded wallpaper, adorn your walls with items that please you or inspire you.If you set the clock in the center, you may adorn the walls with photos, paintings, frames, or abstract art.Even if you're not attempting to tell time, it's interesting to look at since it has so many moving parts.Potted plants may be great natural clock additions, particularly if you're adept with plants and have a favorite vine.It may help you reconnect with nature.Flowers that reappear year after year might soften the area's palette.You can run a vine up and around a clock if the hooks are in the right places.If you can't choose a single clock for a room but love clocks, consider making a clock accent wall.If you have a hard time deciding which clocks to buy, a clock accent wall lets you appreciate them all at once.The clock's appearance may be more essential than its function.The Price of Wall Clock at Walmart Target Kmart Hobby Lobby (5)If so, arranging around a larger centerpiece clock with smaller clocks may make the wall stand out.If you have a huge clock and a lot of space, consider installing one shelf on each side."Floating" shelves disguise the brackets required to attach them to the wall, creating the idea that your wall décor magically attaches to the wall.These shelves are best for displaying books; if you want to use them for decorating, select something traditional and strong.Pictures, inhabitants' initials and hilarious knickknacks are ideal shelf decorations.Since their inception in the 1950s, Junghans clocks have stayed substantially unaltered.Bauhaus schooled the namesake designer and architect, where he refined an unquestionable ability to create basic, contemporary works that remain fresh now as they were when they were first created.

Wall clock Junghans

Perhaps Max Bill's perspective of Junghans is best shown in the 12-inch wall clock.A brushed aluminum cylinder houses a white dial with polished hands for a stylish, simple design.A thin, delicate index of lines and numbers for the minutes encircles an inner track of hour numerals in Max Bill's distinctive font.The Price of Wall Clock at Walmart Target Kmart Hobby Lobby (6)The Max Bill clocks are a refined and distinctive addition to any room.They're also very accurate timepieces, thanks to their German-made quartz movements.Schramberg, Germany, established one of the most amazing watchmaking success stories in 1861.Despite changing customer expectations, Junghans' guiding principle has stayed the same.The company's working and thinking style is inventive and meticulous.Every Junghans watch has this quality.Junghans provides a broad variety of goods but focuses on integrating time-honored craftsmanship with cutting-edge watch technology and attractive design.Each Junghans watch is unique.this legendary German watchmaker has called Schramberg,Germany's sleepy Black Forest village, Junghans. From egg timers to cockpit clocks for Bf-109 fighter planes, the company has created a dazzling assortment of timepieces and clocks over more than a century and a half, but now their range is mostly made of clean, design-oriented timepieces.When it comes to fashion, Junghans favors sleek minimalism with a dash of mid-century modernism.Meister Pilot's unique scalloped rotating bezel, inspired by the pilot's chronographs Junghans delivered to a reformed German air force in the 1950s, really shows this off.The Price of Wall Clock at Walmart Target Kmart Hobby Lobby (7)For Junghans, the actual star of the show is the Max Bill series, which is named after the Bauhaus designer.Many of Junghans Uhren GmbH's original clocks were made in Europe in the Mid-Century Modern style of the 20th century.Many consumers also examine clocks from Kienzle Clocks, Kundo, and Europa as other possibilities.The cost of a clock from Junghans Uhren GmbH varies based on its size, length of time, and other factors.Vintage Juhangs wall clocks range in price from €220 to €4,830, with pieces like this one selling for an average of €700.

Uttermost wall clock

The uttermost wall clock is one of the most well-known clocks in the world.The battery is not supplied with the wall clock in the vast majority of cases.When the time comes, a new battery may be readily installed.All Uttermost clocks have quartz movements, which are guaranteed.Acts 1:8 is the source of the word UTTERMOST."To the ends of the world" is a statement of our personal view that God's Word should be shared.Marketing strategy is comparable to that of the company in that it sells its goods in practically every corner of the worldThey've been in business for 46 years, and they're still passionate about what they do!Uttermost is a family-owned and operated business that was founded in 1975 by Bob and Belle Cooper.The Price of Wall Clock at Walmart Target Kmart Hobby Lobby (8)Today, the firm is led by Mac Cooper, President/CEO, and a group of young yet experienced professionals.Over a hundred sales and service agents across the world are part of the Uttermost family of companies.With a 659,000 square foot facility in Virginia, a 233,000 square foot distribution center in Moreno Valley, California, and permanent showrooms in Atlanta; Dallas; High Point; and Las Vegas; as well as partner factories in Asia; Europe; and North America.Our goods and services are used by some of the world's most prominent home furnishings retailers and interior designers, as well as some of the world's most elite hotels and resorts.Our products may only be purchased via authorized retailers, not directly from us.Throughout the year, our designers work tirelessly to offer you the newest and most innovative goods.While they are committed to providing you with the most cutting-edge items on the market, they also understand that great design is worthless without high-quality production.There are no shortcuts used in the production process to ensure that our goods meet or surpass our customers' expectations.Most employees in a company treat their clients like family and want to be an integral part of your team. Customers can count on them to provide what they need when they need it most efficiently and pleasantly possible.It implies that they are always working on fresh designs for you. When it comes to their Retail clients, it indicates that they are ready to ship as required.When things don’t go according to plan, they fix it. It signifies that they are certain that you will be happy with their service.It implies that they regard you as a member of their own family.

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Choosing the size of your timepiece is largely dependent on both the wall size and the type of statement you are trying to achieve. Delicate accents to enhance your room's overall look can be achieved through the use of smaller more refined hanging wall clock designs.


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Walmart is known for selling genuine things that have been produced by hand, such as Black Forest cuckoo clocks, wall and mantel clocks, tiny clocks, novelty cuckoo clocks, music boxes, and nutcrackers, holiday decorations, and many unusual clocks.

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